Important exhibition

14/9: Opening of the-solo painting exhibition of Irini Drossou, entitled “Internal Dialogues”. The Santorinian artist, a restless mind that experiments once again looking for new abstract means of expression, will present her...

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Experience Scuba Diving in Santorini

Only scuba diving lovers can really appreciate the unique experience of the underwater world. In Santorini this feeling is definitely greater, as you get the chance to see the distinctiveness of the bottom of this sea: the...

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Feast of Panagia Episkopis – Santorini Events

Feast of Panagia Episkopis: perhaps the most important of all Santorini religious festivals and the largest of the All Saints days, this celebration is held in the middle of August and features lively feasting, drinking and partying. It is , as every other Saint’s celebration on the island , a great opportunity not only for locals but for tourists as well to get together and participate in a genuine Greek “γλέντι” (revelry).

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Music in Santorini

Every summer Santorini is visited by musicians from Greece and abroad. There is nothing quite like going to a live happening under the full moon or on the Caldera. Most of the concerts feature popular Greek singers such as Anna...

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Feste ed eventi

Dopo aver visto le feste religiose dell’isola, che come nel resto della Grecia vengono festeggiate con grande trasporto e sentimento popolare, oggi conosceremo altri eventi che animano Santorini, in particolare i festival...

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