Greece opens up to tourism

It is time to return to normal for Greece too, or at least try. It seems that this wonderful land has managed to overcome the Coronavirus emergency, so and its summer season can slowly begin, always following the rules. Thus, from the first of July Greece will open its door to tourism: international flights will be allowed in all the airports.

Sounds like a dream, who does not like dreaming? Always with feet on the ground, we can say this dream could become reality: Santorini, Hydra, Mikonos, Amorgos, among crystal clear waters and enchanting views, could be your summer destinations for this 2020.

However, nothing will be the same as before because you won’t be able to celebrate and walk through the crowd, but Greece will not break its spirit, the authentic hospitality of Greece will make you feel at home.

Tourism in Greece? Travel Safe in Santorini

The only way to enjoy your holiday in Greece and around the world is to travel safely. There are some precautions to take to get to one of the most desirable and glamorous destinations in Greece, such as Santorini.

First, how to get there and how to get around Santorini? The easiest thing to do is to take a direct flight to the only existing airport on the island, which is about 7 km from Fira, and it is well connected by bus. The airlines are already making arrangements to guarantee a suitable number of flights. The use of the face mask is still mandatory indoors, so after entering the terminal, during boarding and flight, unless otherwise requested by the staff. The safety distance of 1.5 m must be respected, except for families or couples, and online check-in procedures are encouraged to avoid long lines at the desk. You have to sanitize your hands often: in the Santorini’s airport, as in all the rest, will be available disinfectant dispensers. Upon arriving, random sample screening tests will be carried out on tourists, to guarantee an epidemiological control and a safer tourism in Greece.

Another way to get to Santorini is by ferry, which is generally inconvenient and expensive because it requires many changes and different ways to travel. It’ s ideal for those who want to visit more islands during their holiday. Ios, Paros and Naxos are the most easily accessible islands, but you can also get to Crete from Santorini. The main port is Athinios, on the east coast.

Also in this case, there are some precautions to get: in addition to the mandatory face mask, the ferries will be able to travel with fewer people on board, the temperature will be measured before boarding (in case of fever, you can’t board), finally, questionnaires will be filled in.

Following the recommendations is the only solution for a healthy tourism in Greece. Check the website of the Greek National Health Authority and go to the Santorini Tourist Office to find out if there are other necessary provisions to be taken.

All the tourist facilities in Santorini now open

From July 1st, all the tourist facilities will finally be able to start the summer season. Tourism in Santorini is an essential part of the culture.

Hotels, Apartments, Cave House, Suites are open. But where is it preferable to stay? Most would like to find their accommodation near the port, but it is a rather desolate place. Given the good connections, we therefore recommend to choose Fira or Perissa, two ideal places to find the best services, even at reasonable prices.

Santorini does not deny the idea of Greece as a hospitable land: there is a wide range of solutions offered to meet all kinds of needs. Both hotels and apartments in Santorini offer different options to meet the wishes of every tourist: from the house with swimming pool and garden to studios or guest houses. How not to mention the famous Cave Houses: those of Santorini are the most beautiful and fashionable. These are the old farmhouses, traditional stone houses, very cool and in very hidden places, which have been transformed into super luxurious residences with breath-taking views. Very often they are equipped with infinity pool, the famous overflow pool that seems to go to infinity … certainly among the most clicked on the web. A real fairy tale!

In this period, the tourist facilities will have to ensure the sanitization of the rooms, with steam cleaners at temperatures above 70 ° C. Small tricks that will make guests feel safe.

Visiting Santorini and its beaches: how to get around during Covid’s time

The beaches of Santorini are wonderful and that’s why you can’t do without them this summer, don’t worry about the Covid-19, just follow the rules: distance of 4 meters between the beach umbrellas, maximum number of 40 people per 1,000 m2 guaranteed by a count of entries and exits etc.. Unfortunately, you must avoid as much as possible crowds in public places. In addition, the beach staff will disinfect the equipment after each use. This is the only way for tourism in Greece and given the temperatures, better than nothing!

To visit the island and reach the beaches there are several options. Assuming that Santorini is not great, but it has several climbs and it is very hot, walking is certainly not for everyone.

Surely renting a car or scooter could be the most appropriate, comfortable, and safe option, especially in this period. You can choose the vehicle you prefer, and it is the solution that allows you to explore every corner of the wonderful Santorini and live a holiday at your own pace without being dependent on anyone.

Otherwise, very comfortable could be the taxi, taking advantage of the service provided by the tourist facilities. Few worries and relaxation assured.

In short, this summer you will live a different Greece, less crowded and quieter… someone might like it even more!