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Santorini for Wine & Food Lovers

Celebrating gastronomy in Santorini is a year-long event and 2013 is the perfect year for all the food and wine lovers to migrate and explore this paradise island. Make sure you visit the vineyards and be introduced to some of the major Santorini wine appellations. Find out what makes Santorinian wines so great  and be part of the wine – making process. Experience hands-on cooking under the guidance of local chefs, discovering fresh local ingredients such as fava, cherry tomatoes and white eggplants. Become the master of your craft while you sip and learn more about some of the...

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CNN Chooses 9 Greek Islands – We Love Santorini

CNN published a long article on August 16, entitled “Which Greek island should you go to?” presenting in detail nine Greek islands and giving information on where to stay and where to eat. Guess which came first!! According to CNN, the number of 1,400 islands in Greece, 230 of which are inhabited, is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful assets. From the Ionian islands till Albania in the northwest, to the Dodecanese, near Turkey in the southeast, they offer unique vacations. “Each of the island groups has its unique allure, plus some of the most picturesque seascapes on Earth.”...

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Best time to visit Santorini

A lot of people might wonder when is the best time to visit Santorini.  Well, the beggining of the Fall is definately one of those times. The Aegean water is still warm in September and October, most days are sunny, and daytime temperatures typically hover between 23 to 28 degrees C. Most of the tourist infrastructure is still open for business – despite the thinning crowds. This is also a great time to explore Santorini’s historical sites and natural wonders. And thankfully, fewer crowds cause a drop in room rates. It is never as windy as you might find  it...

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Ifestia Festival 2013 – Events Santorini

Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis / Foter / CC BY Αs it happens every year, 3 rd Saturday of Augost, the municipality of Santorini organises a dramatically realistic representation event of volcanic explosion with fireworks and sounds, traditional dancing, costumes, music concerts, local food and more. Come and join the “panigiri” which is actually the food served to the guests and is prepared inside the “panigirospito” the little house built especially for that purpose. It is a unique phantasmagorical night, offered exclusively by the hospitable people of Santorini celebrating those at first unpleasant events of volcanic explosions that resulted eventually at...

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