The most beautiful beaches of Santorini Island, discover Kamari, Perissa, Red Beach & White Beach.

Do you already know the most famous Santorini beaches?


Here you are a list created for you.

Santorini protects their beaches like a chest and shows all their beauty to the tourist who is able to discover them.

In this article we list the most famous beaches of the island.


Also called Black Beach thanks to its black sand. It is longer than 5 km.

It has a shallow seabed, that allows you to swim safely few meter far from the seashore.

In Kamari you can find many hotels of different classes, restaurants and little taverns where you can eat a fantastic fresh fish, little souvenir shops and trendy clubs on the beach.

Red Beach

It is situated on the south of the island, not far from the archeological area of Akrotiri.

It is famous for its cliffs of red send, that are in stark contrast with the crystal clear sea. This is a very amazing landscape.

This beach is reachable on foot, by climbing the mountain close to the beach and walking along a broken ground track otherwise by boat.

White Beach

It’s a little beach of white pabbles situated on the south near the Red Beach.

It is reachable only by sea.  One of the most beautiful beaches on the island and is the only one with a fine white sand.


You can find it on the eastern side of Santorini.

It’s a sandy beach with a shallow seabed, that allows you to walk towards offshore for some meter.

It’s popular among young people, who practise water sports. It is surrounded by many chalet on the beach.

Attention: it’s also popular among tourists!


It is similar to Kamari and it is the 3rd biggest town on the island.

It is full of hotels, restaurants, discos, camping and much more.


It is characterized by dark-coloured pebbly sand and it has a deep seabed just near the seashore.

It is the beach of fun par excellence and here you can practise water sports, beach volley and there are many clubs where you can dance from the aperitif time to late night.

Photo by lauren