Best beaches of Santorini

Are you thinking of a relaxing escape for this summer 2020? Santorini could be the place for you!

 Do you know the Santorini beaches?

In Santorini, the sea is characterized by its crystal-clear waters and along with the experience of a sunset with breathtaking views the visitors will enjoy unforgettable moments. A special feature of the Santorini beaches is that they are to be discovered in all their beauty because they are protected like a treasure chest by the island.

From Kamari to Perissa, going through the enchanting red and white beaches, we provide you with a list of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini to learn more:


Along the south – east coast of Santorini, we find Kamari which is certainly one of the most famous beaches of Santorini, probably because it is considered the most accessible one compared to the others. The black sand, which extends for over 5 km, also gives it the name Black Beach.

As the sea bed is shallow, everyone can take a swim not far from the shore and it might be easier to look after their children.

Although it is described as a chic beach, Kamari seems to be quite crowded and touristic, and, compared to Fira or Oia, even cheaper, so that you can find many hotels of all kinds, restaurants and tavernas to enjoy excellent fresh fish, souvenir shops and trendy beach clubs. Ideal destination for young people!

Red Beach

Disarming is the right word to describe the beauty of this famous beach of Santorini! Located southwest of Fira, not far from the Akrotiri archaeological site, Red Beach is one of Greece’s must-see beaches. Surrounded by reddish cliffs, this volcanic beach of red and black sand is in stark contrast to the crystal-clear waters. What is the result? A panacea for eyes and spirit.

Moreover, the cliffs shelter from the winds and it is great to snorkel in the clear sea. You can get there on foot, climbing the mountain alongside the beach, following a path, which clearly requires proper shoes, not simple flip flops, or by boat. And why not take a group or couple catamaran tour in the morning or at sunset? It could be a different idea to spend a day in Santorini, visiting more beaches, also taking advantage of the snorkeling equipment available on board.

White Beach

Immediately after the Red Beach, we find another small beach of Santorini, but always among the best, the White Beach. Only accessible by sea, with connections approximately every 30 minutes from Red Beach and from Perissa and Kamari: another reason why we recommend a catamaran or boat trip or a sunset fishing tour with dinner included. It would be one of the best ways to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini.

The only beach in Santorini where you will find fine white sand (that is why it’s called White Beach). Small and uncrowded, it is located about 15 km from Fira and even if you get there only by sea, there you can find a small tavern where you can rent what you need.

 Exceptional place for swimming and snorkeling, thanks to the clear water and underwater caves. Little tip: following a little path that starts from Red Beach, towards White Beach, you can admire the beach of Kampia.


To the east of the island, in the airport area (although this is not a disturbing element), Monolithos is a large dark sandy beach with a shallow seabed that allows you to touch for several meters. Ideal destination for families with children.

As it is also quite windy, many young people enjoy water sports and kite surfing, one of the most popular sports in Greece.

The beach is well organized and after spending the day at the beach, you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail or dinner in one of the taverns along the coast.


Like Kamari, Perissa is nothing more than the final part of the long stretch of black sand of Perivolos, which you will find described below. It is the most organized beach in Santorini and perhaps one of the most populated. By now constant of the sea in Santorini, here too the crystal-clear waters stand out and contrast with the dark sand. Here you will find a fantastic atmosphere, background music until late at night and relax all day long. If you want to be active and athletic, Perissa will not disappoint you because you can find the beach volleyball court and practice all the water sports you want.

Perissa is the third largest village on the island, full of hotels, restaurants, discos, camping and much more, all quite cheap. Many young people choose this part of Greece because they can often listen to famous DJs.


On the southeast coast of Santorini, Perivolos is the extension of Perissa beach. It is characterized by dark gravelly sand, deep waters immediately from the shore and winds blowing from the north. This is par excellence the beach of afternoon fun with water sports, beach volleyball and beach clubs where you can dance from aperitif until late. Nevertheless, the atmosphere remains calm and charming, so many people who come to Santorini in the summer prefer to stay in one of the luxurious hotels in Perivolos, instead of going to Perissa, because of this quietness that distinguishes it. In fact, the town centre with its white houses and tree-lined streets is far enough away from the crowded clubs.


Here is a short list of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini that will be the perfect backdrop to your heartfelt memories in Greece.

Choose Santorini for your summer holiday 2020 and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of sunsets on the beach that only Greece can offer!

Photo by lauren