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Photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis / Foter / CC BY

Αs it happens every year, 3 rd Saturday of Augost, the municipality of Santorini organises a dramatically realistic representation event of volcanic explosion with fireworks and sounds, traditional dancing, costumes, music concerts, local food and more.

Come and join the “panigiri” which is actually the food served to the guests and is prepared inside the “panigirospito” the little house built especially for that purpose. It is a unique phantasmagorical night, offered exclusively by the hospitable people of Santorini celebrating those at first unpleasant events of volcanic explosions that resulted eventually at the formation of one of the most unique places on earth!!

This celebration will be followed by musicians playing local music with violins and “laouto” (=traditional stringed instrument) Not to mention of course the amazing Santorinian wine that will be served…

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