Tastes_Santorini-3OPEN EVENING EVENT

Life Alphabet Editions in co-operation with the Municipality of Thira and the Vedema Resort Hotel invites you to participate in the Experiential Connection Event with Santorini Island’s Gastronomical Heritage and the Love of its Heart, titled:

«Tastes of Love in the Caldera of Time»

  «…On an island full of names, families and recipes,
wining and dining and evening parties, a sharing gift of times from the past,
a savory flavor among the treasures of the destiny of thankfulness…»

In the heart of the summer, in the heart of the island, in Megalochori, we couple the Food of Life with the Food of the Heart, Love. Our guests will be Anna Saliverou, Author of the book Tastes of Love in the Caldera of Time and Nicholas Vayiakakos, Counsel-Therapist & director of the «Life Alphabet» Editions.

The event will take place on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 19:30, at the convention hall of the Vedema Hotel, in Megalochori. It will last approx. 2 hours and it will be catered by the village’s children and local community clubs, who will welcome you to our event.

Attendees to the event and particularly young people will have the opportunity to meet with some of the local older women, who generously provided their recipes and their love for the promotion of Santorini’s traditions and who will share with the audience their wise hearts in authentic words.


«…On an island full of teaching friends, dusted books,
ever-written words, works of deep emotion, flavors of tradition
preciously saved in the heart of the destiny of thankfulness…»