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Fly to Santorini!

Are you going to start to organize your holiday on Santorini island? Today we take a look on Easyjet flights from UK to Santorini. As I wrote about useful information on Santorini, the best way to get to this island is going there by plane. Santorini is mostly a...

How to get to Santorini #2

By air or by sea, let's see how to get to Santorini from Athens To get to the magic island of Santorini you have two possibilities. The plane is without any doubt the fastest mean of transport, otherwise you can contend with a long and fascinating trip by sea. If you...

How to get to Santorini? #1

How to get to Santorini from Athens? We are going to tell you how to do. In a previous post I wrote some general information related to Santorini island, but I didn't provide you further information about how to get to the island. So... how can you get to Santorini?...

Leaving to Santorini

Have you already packed your suitcase? We are going to leave to Santorini. Santorini is a beautiful island known all over the world. Anyway when we leave to famous destinations, we leave out some details needed to organize a holiday. This article is about some aspects...

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