Are you going to start to organize your holiday on Santorini island?

Today we take a look on Easyjet flights from UK to Santorini.

As I wrote about useful information on Santorini, the best way to get to this island is going there by plane.

Santorini is mostly a seaside resort, that’s why during summer the number of flights increase.

Easyjet is one of the European carriers that links United Kingdom to Santorini.

The England airport from which Easyjet flights take off is London Gatwick.

I took a look on scheduled flights for you and here it is what I found.

The first flight is on 29th April, while the last one is on 21st October. In this way you can plan your holiday taking advantage of the better weather.

The days of flight are:

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Sundays

Mondays the flight leaves at 7.00 am, Tuesdays at 12.50 pm, Thursdays at 7.10 am and every Sunday you will leave at 8.10 am.

I suggest you to choose the flight with an earlier departure time, to not lose any day of holiday.

The flight takes 4 hours. Remember that Greece is 2 hours forward than United Kingdom.

According to the last update (14th April) the highest tariff is 230.99 £ and the lowest one is 44.99 £.