Beautiful island of Santorini is yearly surrounded, by thousands of tourists, who are coming to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and try the tasteful, gastronomic dishes which are products of the local tradition.

Today, after recent excavation at archeological place of Akrotiri, we are in position to know that the citizens of Ancient Thira were having surprisingly high standards of living which can easily understood through the variety of their diet. Their nutrition was consisted of frequent consumption of citrus (pomegranates, figs etc) and nuts (almonds). Furthermore olives, olive oil and legumes (vetch, pea, lentils etc) along with wine were essential elements of their daily diet. Fish and seafood were limitless while regarding meat they had a preference to goat meat. It has also to be mentioned that there are serious indications that their favourite recipe was…. SOUVLAKI!!!

All the above information are indication the serial of gastronomic tradition which generally remains the same even in our days. Recipes that are, through public tradition, saved up to today, like apohti and fava adorn Cycladic nutrition.