If you have decided where to go on holiday the next step is looking for a good place to stay, close to the attractions, close to the beach and possibly a place close enough to the city center, not requiring a car, but you can just walk.

Before things were different, you had to trust the travel agencies, nowadays we are provided with an amazing tool: Google Maps.

So, where to stay in Santorini?

Staying in Santorini, the guidebook of the most popular areas

Usually those who wish to stay in a Greek island are looking for relax and crystal blue waters, but those people who have chosen Santorini as their holiday destination, are looking for romanticism and amazing sunsets. 

On the first step of the podium of the top 5 popular areas is the North-Western side of the island, where you can actually see the sun disappearing in the blue sea, a breath-taking experience. If you have noticed a hotel in the coastline between the sunsets Belvedere in Oia and Firostefani, that is an opportunity not to be missed. You could either have the chance to admire the sunset with other tourists, clapping at the last visible ray of sun, or at your resort.

If your priority is the beach, then you must certainly choose Kamari’s surroundings, the most attended beach in Santorini. Here you can have a drink, relax and listen to some good music, forgetting about rocks and confined spaces, typical of all other beaches. 

If you like to try typical tastes and wine, an ideal place to stay in Santorini is the port area. This neighborhood not only is a strategic location to get onboard to reach the other islands (Ios, Folgandros, Naxos or Amorgos), but here you can also visit the famous wine bars of Santorini, surrounded by a magical environment.

In the fourth position is Vlychada, the land of quietness. The beaches of this area are surrounded by high cliffs, as if you were suddenly transported on another planet. Staying here means walking to the beach or, in case you wish to, reaching it by scooter, fully enjoying your holiday relaxing.

If you want to eat well, you will have to stay in Exo Gialos Thiras, the fifth island of our top 5 list. Exo Gialos Thiras is a beach famous for its fish restaurants. Staying in a hotel in this area means having every evening a good meal in a different place, without walking too much.

Santorini: what to see in a week

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The island of Santorini, with its 80 square kilometers, is big enough to surprise tourists with its attractions for an entire week.

Without taking into account the area you’ve chosen to have your accommodation, our advice is to rent a car or a scooter and have a tour around the island, a unique experience.

Not to be missed Fira, the capital city, and Oia, the second urban region of the island, but also all the other villages, beaches and lovely spots all around Santorini.

Don’t let the laziness seduce you and explore this amazing island. For more dynamic people, we highly recommend trips in the islands of Therasia and Nea Kameni.