In Santorini there is so much to be seen that if you are staying for a week, you will never get bored.

However, those people who choose the Cyclades Islands try to combine more than one island, in order to have a complete itinerary. Obviously, if you wish to move from one “paradise” to another, you will be able to do it only by sea: domestic flights would be too expensive and at the same time require too much time because all of them stop in Athens.

There are several islands surrounding Santorini, but certainly the most visited is Ios. Even if the island is less famous, it is bigger than Santorini and, just like Mykonos, mostly visited by young people and couples looking for fun. The ferry from Santorini to Ios is pretty cheap, it costs only 12 Euros and leaves once a day.

Santorini-Ios Hellenic ferry: how much does it cost and how long does it take

Santorini Ios mappa del tragitto in barca

Santorini-Ios in linea d’area sono circa 50 chilometri che equivalgono a 35 minuti di nave veloce (12 euro a corsa a testa) o a due ore di traghetto (29euro)

The reason why most tourists combine these two islands is because there is a fast connection between the two, reaching Ios in 35 minutes. So if you’re thinking to reach Ios from Santorini, this is certainly the fastest way.

A differenza della prima soluzione accennata (traghetti Santorini Ios Hellenic), questa seconda opzione prevede inoltre ben quattro corse giornaliere.

This option (Santorini-Ios Hellenic ferry) provides 4 rides a day, meaning that visitors have different options to choose depending on their needs. The only problem is the price: 29 Euros each per ride.

For those who spare no expense, this fast connection will allow to visit the island of Ios in one day.

Una spiaggia dell'Isola di Ios da raggiungere in traghetto

Ios è un’isola eclettica: a spiagge paradisiache e lontane dalla confusione come quella della foto si alternano locali e discoteche in cui regna il caos.

In other words, the problem is not the price, but the fact that there is so much to be seen in both islands, that it’s a pity to have only a couple of hours to visit them, especially if we are talking about Ios, which is bigger than Santorini and therefore travels within the island are more difficult.

Our advice is to land in Santorini, enjoy the island of love for 4/5 days and then, sail towards Ios.

Visitors can choose to travel back home from Santorini or from Athens (reaching the capital city by ferry).

The greatest comfort? A tour from Santorini to Ios on private boats: prices are a little bit higher, but you would definitely fully enjoy the Aegean Sea, also eating on-board.

One day trip from Santorini: Thirasia and Nea Kameni

If you think that going to Ios is a trip in the trip and therefore too stressful, there is always the day trip option from Santorini. These day trips are a must and usually the most visited destinations are the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni, located in the caldera of Santorini and Thirasia.

For this last destination, the departure point is usually the port beneath Oia.

The price for a tour like this one is around 30 Euros, choosing between a trip early in the morning, or in the afternoon, enjoying the sunset from the boat.


Main Islands reachable from Santorini: timings and prices

  • Amorgos: 1 hour (fast connection) – 49 Euros
  • Ios: 35-45 minutes (fast connection) – 29 Euros
  • Ios: 2 hours (ferry) – 12 Euros
  • Sikinos: 2 hours (ferry) – 12 Euros
  • Paros: 2 hours (fast connection) – 46 Euros
  • Paros: 3 hours and 30 minutes (ferry) – 20 Euros
  • Iraklio: 2 hours (fast connection) – 60 Euros
  • Anafi: 1 hour (ferry) – 7 Euros
  • Folegandrons: 35 minutes – (fast ship) – 44 Euros
  • Folegandros: 3 hours (ferry) – 12 Euros