Santorini Low Cost, does it sound strange to you? Well, if you will follow our advice, appreciating the island of love (and luxury) also out of season and visiting places just few kilometers away from the most renowned ones, yes, you will spend less.
There are different ways to live the Cyclades’ island: on a honeymoon spending hundreds of Euros a night in a five star resort, and it is certainly something to be done once in a lifetime, but also more affordable options.
And for you surprise, these options not only are cheap but also thrilling.
Exploring Santorini out of season will not only allow you to spend less, but also to avoid queues and the crowd, admiring at the most amazing views without the touristic filter, showing its uniqueness and imperfections, just like a beautiful woman without make up.
Well if you really wish to enjoy the real life of Santorini, you have to live its everyday life, leaving the traditional touristic tours and five stars resorts, choosing a week out of season: the water will be cooler, but it will certainly be worth it.

Santorini Low Cost: staying in Perissa

Spiaggia di sassolini neri a Perissa

Spiaggia di sassolini neri a Perissa: acqua cristallina, bei locali e tanta tranquillità

The main reason why holidays in Santorini have prices of four digits is because most tourists want to have a room with a view on the caldera. Obviously, having this kind of view is extremely glamorous, ma every view in this island can bring great emotions. Our suggestion is therefore to explore the South-eastern part of the coast of Santorini, where you will find less touristic destinations, beaches characterized by black pebbles, villages populated by locals and resorts less expensive but with equally beautiful rooms.
The reason why you will save money is that you will spend less for your stay, the rental of the car or scooter and also the restaurants. Therefore, when you’re looking for a place to stay in Santorini, don’t just search for “Santorini hotel on the beach, but also consider other options like “Santorini cheap apartments”.

Low Cost Flights for Santorini: booking in advance to save more

volo low cost Santorini vista dall'aereo

L’isola di Santorini vista dall’oblò dell’aereo

f you are thinking about a cheap vacation in Santorini, the main issue will be matching a low cost flight out of season. Therefore, you will then have to decide if you prefer saving money on the accommodation or on the flight.

The reason for this is that airline companies usually offer low cost flights leading to Santorini only between June and at the end of September. This means that you can either book in advance a flight between June and September or make a reservation out of season, saving money on the accommodation but spending almost the double for the flight.

Keeping an eye on the offers, booking the flight in advance and in the above mentioned periods and choosing a less touristic area, you will certainly have the chance to go on a dream vacation spending little money.

For what concerns connection flights, our suggestion is: do not get into consideration only the two airports of Rome and Milan. Volotea for example has added new departures from the airports of Bari and Venice, both with extremely cheap prices, also during high season.

Prices in Santorini: cost of living, food and all inclusive holidays

Compared to the other islands, the cost of living in Santorini is more expensive.

But the cost of living in Greece and in the Cyclades islands is nevertheless cheaper in comparison to Italy and most other European countries, therefore, even with a small budget you could go on vacation without sacrifices. As already said, in Perissa you can have a complete meal with only 8 Euros, while for the tours, you don’t necessarily need to get in contact with travel agencies.

Santorini is considered to be a safe island, so you can walk around freely or with your own means of transportation and a good guide.

For what concerns a holiday all inclusive in Santorini, our suggestion is to walk around the island as much as possible, trying the local specialties, looking forward to enjoy a different adventure everyday, in the island of love, of romantic sunsets  and breathtaking views.

If you’re only interested in relaxation and international food, don’t be afraid, there are a number of good offers to take into consideration.