More flight connections, low prices or fashion: it’s not clear which of these is the key factor, but one thing is certain, Santorini is the most attractive destination of the summer. This is the outcome of the Summer Vacation Value Report, the survey carried out every year by Trip Advisor and which points out where tourists of all nationalities will go on holiday.

According to the data collected by the portal for reviews and reservations, those who wish to stay in Italy will visit the Island of Elba, while those people who are looking for a foreign destination will be heading towards Santorini. For what concerns non-insular destinations, the attention for Gaeta, in the province of Latina, is increasing.

Holidays in Santorini: an increasing trend

Is the survey’s outcome surprising? Not really if you think that the attention for the island of sunsets and romanticism has been increasingly growing during 2017. Last year the close Cyclades island of Mykonos won the record, being the most visited in the Aegean Sea. Things now seem changing and Santorini is recovering its leadership against the island of perdition. Why? Well, as already said, one of the reasons could be the higher number of flights interesting Santorini. As a matter of fact, many companies are promoting special offers for the island becoming a famous touristic destination. The airports of Bari and Verona are offering low cost flights for the entire duration of the summer season.

For what concerns the airports of Rome and Naples, tourists might encounter difficulties: the flights leaving from these two airports and leading to Santorini are fully booked and finding availability is almost impossible. Thanks to this enormous interest, Santorini appears to be the most attractive destination on Trip Advisor.

The essence of Santorini: sun, sea, history and romanticism

santorini metà più ambita dell'estate 2018

Un tipico villaggio sull’isola dell’amore

If you thing that Santorini is a small island ideal only for lovers you’re wrong: the island, with an extension of 80 square kilometers is twice the size of Ischia and offers a wide variety of attractions.

Being the most southern of the Greek islands, its summer season greatly extends allowing flows of tourists all year long. Italian prefer going to the beach when it’s hot, therefore most companies promote special offers in the period included between May and September.

All other European Airline Companies offer cheap flights all year around.

How much does a holiday in Santorini cost?

quanto costa una vacanza a santorini?

Mare blu e casette bianche: i colori che fanno impazzire i turisti di tutto il mondo

The report carried out by Trip Advisor not only shows the most attractive tourist destinations, but also shows how much the holiday would cost.

Santorini has changed its target of tourists, preferring a wealthier category, with an average of 323 € a night.

An entire week would cost more or less 2264 €. The most advantageous period to visit the island is between the 18th and 24th of September, saving the 22 per cent.