If you are looking for cave houses in Santorini, you might have been fascinated by the impressive pictures of a small private luxurious house encrusted in the rock, provided with an amazing pool.

The description might have given you a better idea of what a cave house is, but to be honest, there are many other things that need to said in this regard.

First of all, these houses are extremely cooleven between May and September, when the temperature in the island of lovereaches 40 degrees.

Second of all, these picturesque houses, so popular among VIPs and rich people, are not only extremely ancient, but also modest.

Today what we call cave houses or cave homes in older times used to be ancient farmers’ housesthat have been renovated and refurnished with elegance, becoming private romantic luxurious apartments, where the temperature is ideal also without the air conditioning.

Irregular aisles, rounded ceilings, white walls and rounded corners make you feel in a cave, but actually you are staying in a fully equipped accommodation, provided with every comfort.

As the years went by, the constant presence of VIPs and rich tourists lead to the transformation of these unique traditional houses, becoming one of the symbols of the island, also well known outside the European borders.

At the same time, also appeared the infinity pools, the famous pools with no boundarythat seem to have no end, almost existing in every cave house.

Where to find the Cave Houses

cave house e infinity pool al cavoo tagoo santorini

Which are the most famous cave houses? The Cavo Tagoo Santorini: chosen and posted by a number of VIPs, this Imerovigli hotel is popular not only for its infinity pool, but also for its cave house structure.

As already said, cave houses used to be farmers’ houses; therefore it was easy to find them in the inland of the island, far from the chaos of the town centre, but close to vineyards and fields of tomatoes and pistachios.

Since the cave houses are so far from the city centre, all the structures have been renewed, and provided with huge pools to keep you cool when the sun is high in the sky.

The most impressive cave houses in Santoriniare the ones located along the coastline rocky cliffsfacing the sea.

These beautiful caves with sea view are extremely requested by tourists desiring to jump in an infinity pool. This is another reason for the huge popularity of the cave houses: infinity pools or Jacuzzishave become the background of many pictures and stories posted by VIPs.

The most requested and expensive are the ones in Oia with a view on the Caldera and obviously a great room service in a five star hotel, in order to fully enjoy the atmosphere and the privacy of the cave.

Cave Houses in Santorini: the most beautiful ones in the cyclades

As said, cave houses are spread all over the island. The most popular ones are the cave houses in Oiawith a view on the Caldera, but there are some others located in other places.

More or less we can say that the most beautiful cave houses are located in the 5 best areas where to stay in Santorini.


Luxury Suite Santorini: Jacuzzi And Room Service

esempio di cave house luxury suites santorini

Luxury Suiteis located in Imerovigli, a popular area close to the town of Fira, and famous among tourists for the amazing rooms created inside the cave house, but also for the Jacuzzis located on the balconies.

The service provided in the apartments also allows to have dinner inside the room, enjoying the privacy and the breath-taking view.

Thanks to its view, this area is also known as the rooftop on the Aegean.

Aris Caves: View on the caldera only 10 minutes away from Oia

casa grotta appartamento aris cave

Most of the most popular cave houses have a beautiful view, but Aris Cave shas something else to offer:a typical furnishing that is modern at the same time, a big attention to details that surprise tourists, respecting the tradition.

The outdoor areas are amazing, but what makes this place so special are the interiors, made up of curves and attention to details.

Blue Dolphins: the best view from “island’s rooftop”

home house blue dolphins con jacuzzi

The Blue Dolphinsis located inFirostefani, the most panoramic point of the island of Santorini, the area also known as “the rooftop of the island”,

This structure offers a wide range of different solutions in accordance with the needs: modern houses with Jacuzzis on the balconies viewing on the Caldera, or the more characteristic cave houses. What’s important about this structure is the size of the apartments, which allows to accommodate entire families or groups of friends. To be added also other pay services, starting from the ones for breakfast or dinner, to massages enjoyed in room, at the pool or in the veranda, carried out by massage professionals.

Perivolas Hotel: A Five Star Stay

vasca idromassaggio jacuzzi in cave house perivolas

Among the most appreciated and popular solutions, there is the Perivolas Hotel, a five star hotel that offers cave houses instead of the traditional rooms.

The furnishing is typical and the attention to details is extreme. To be added to the list, the spectacular view, the central location (Oia), the infinity pool, the room service and the Jacuzzi. All this makes this hotel the most amazing cave house in Santorini. Obviously the price of this hotel is not within the reach of everybody.

Ionic Santorini: Real Luxury for Fitness Lovers

spa in cave house iconic santorini

Let’s go back to Imerovigli, where our last offer is located, a peculiar cave house, ideal for those who like to be in shape and for fitnesslovers. Ionic Santorinioffers a spectacular view of the volcano and the caldera, but also an infinity pooland a gym. Hot tubs on the terrace, indoor pools, saunas and solariums can also be found in the most luxurious rooms.

Have we provided the information you were looking for? Yes, and now, after talking about these beautiful cave housesyou probably want to visit Santorini, right?