On postcards, displayed in travel agency’s windows, in catalogues and obviously on social media: for over half a century infinity pools in Santorini are driving crazy tourists from all over the world. Why? Well, it’s easy to answer the question: they are beautiful, panoramic and relaxing.

Just think about a breath taking view, add a pool with the visual effect of water with no boundary, the uniqueness of lovely small white houses, an astonishing sunset and a drink: you’re just found the recipe for true happiness.

infinity pool santorini il grace hotel

Infinity Pools In Santorini At Sunset

But are there infinity pools and why are they so famous in Santorini? As you can see from the pictures, these special pools often arise anchored to hillsides, dominating larger water bodies, the edge of which is positioned at a lower water level than the rest of the pool. Such peculiar structure is designed to produce the visual effect of water with no boundary.

It doesn’t surprise that these pools are so famous in Santorini, where most resorts, estates, and luxurious hotels feature this new trend as their distinctive characteristic.

Infinity Pools In Santorini: where to find the most beautiful ones

jacuzzi panoramica per luna di miele a santorini blue dolphin

Infinity pools and much more: the Blue Dolphins has launched a new trend: the luxurious proposal of a panoramic Jacuzzi on a private terrace.

These pools, that seem to be perfectly integrated in the surrounding environment, are spread all over the island, well known for its tourist accommodation structures. But, the most beautiful infinity pools are located in Fira and in the area surrounding the caldera, the two most visited areas in Santorini.

In the most crowded part of the island of love, rise many hotels and apartments carved in the rock, known as the famous cave houses: unique and evocative buildings, perfectly designed for an infinity pool.

There are other parts of the island where infinity pools can be found, but, as already said, the area close to the caldera, where most VIPs and celebrities from all over the world live, is where the most beautiful infinity pools are located.

If you are looking for a crazy luxurious combo, you should also try the newest proposal made by some hotels, adding a panoramic Jacuzzi to the “view, pool and sunset” mix. One of these hotels is the Blue Dolphins, which has created unique suites with panoramic hot tubs, located on private terraces.

Santorini certainly is the perfect destination for a getaway or a honeymoon.

The most beautiful infinity pools in Santorini

In order to let you understand what we’re talking about, we’ve selected a number of hotels in Santorini featuring infinity pools, showing how irresistible this Cyclades Island can be.

Grand View

infinity pool grand view hotel santorini


The name of this hotel says it all: waking up in the morning with facing the caldera, the volcanic islands and the view of three different shades of blue (the sky, the sea and the pool) is priceless. Actually, it does have a price, even if it is considered to be by most visitors one of the most convenient hotels for its price/quality ratio.


Excellent food, perfect location just few feet away from Oia, kind staff and an amazing view are only some of the characteristics of Kirini, featured by a huge infinity pool for your most romantic moments and unique selfies.

The Tsitouras Collection Hotel

Located in Firostefani, one of the most glamourous areas of the island, this four star hotel features one of the most beautiful infinity pools in Santorini.

Cosmopolitan Suites Hotel

Would you and your partner like to have an experience like the one in the picture? If the answer is yes, at the Cosmopolitan, the historic hotel of the island, you’ll find a tasty breakfast and a beautiful view from every spot of the hotel.

Grace Santorini Hotel

infinity pool santorini il grace hotel

The price of this hotel is definitely higher than the others, counting four digits, but every detail is taken care of and therefore, this hotel happens to be one the best-reviewed in Santorini.

This island of only 80 square kilometres is an amazing place to stay and, thanks to the attention to details, the most visited destination in the world.

Considering its valuable beauty and number of excellent touristic accommodation structures it’s not surprising that Santorini is, according to the Summer Vacation Value Report 2018, the favourite island of the summer.